Friday, October 28, 2011

Example of Resume

Sally Huffstetler
1540 Harvest Lane
Alpharetta, GA 30004


Alzheimer’s Association, Georgia Chapter                                                  Atlanta, GA
Statewide Development Coordinator
Integrated national branding strategy at the local level, building relationships with 
national and international publications such as USA Today, WSJ, and The Economist
·      Obtained unprecedented donation of print advertising space, totaling $789K with 
     potential reach for 28M viewers nationwide
·      Raised $20K in six days following burglary utilizing coordinated campaign across 
     local television, radio, and print outlets
·      Represented organization to more than 5M viewers through creation and use 
    of rapid response capability
·      Leveraged donated professional layout and design for end of year campaign, 
    used in print, outdoor, and public service announcements
·      Convinced public officials from the City of Atlanta to formally recognize Alzheimer’s 
    Awareness Month at City Hall with declaration and rebranding
·      Decreased donor acknowledgment response time by 80%


Americorps                                                                                           Atlanta, GA
Service Leader
Engaged with community development organization to work with at-risk youth at Brown 
Middle School addressing unmet community needs
·      Led 120 students in activities including neighborhood renewal, service projects, 
     parental involvement, and after school programs
·      Managed six classes of tutors partnered within peer groups through benchmarking 
·      Authored and edited $75K grant proposal, outlining budget and strategy for first 
    annual community recognition event


Wildlife Conservation Society                                                                   Bronx, NY
Executive Assistant, Senior Vice President for Development and Membership
Process Improvement
·      Increased on-time delivery by 20% through reformed proposal approval guidelines
·      Decreased lag-time on acknowledgment process by 50%
·      Coordinated operations and communications across 30 departments, steering the 
     success of a $650M campaign
·      Managed communications, schedules, and requests amongst staff of 55 to raise 
    $765K annually
Writing & Editing
·      Produced and edited grants, acquiring funds utilized across 60 countries for global projects
·      Wrote and edited material for more than 70 Board Members for meetings, newsletters,
     annual report, travel support, proposals, and acknowledgments


Harrington, Righter, Parsons                                                                    New York, NY
Sales Associate/Account Executive
Television advertising sales associate representing wide-range of network stations nationally
·      Booked $5M in revenue across 57 national network stations by creating strategic marketing 
·      Persuaded agency to enter new media market with first media purchase in 7th largest 



Georgia State University                                                                          Atlanta, GA
Anthropology, English Literature


Huffington Post Book Award for best “Missed Connection.” Jelly Bean counting contest at 
Trader Joe’s.

Favorite book A Prayer for Owen Meany.  Enjoy reading, writing, and running.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

$1K Karma Cupcakes for Charity

I convinced my manager to let me to contact the media after a third break-in at our Chapter's Headquarters. We were not enticing to the media because the disease we were trying to cure usually harmed the elderly. I was certain this would get us instant exposure. Afterall, what news source doesn't like crime. I sent my first press release and was hooked.

CBS and FOX immediatly came to cover the story and checks began arriving from people who could not believe that anyone would steal from the elderly.

From there, I initiated the $1K Karma Cupcakes for Charity bake sale to help raise $20K from our break-in. The media ate up the Karma Cupcakes. We were featured on
WSB, USA Today, AJC Buzz, Project 96.1, Star 94, The Fish, The Fan 680, The Regular Guys, The Bert Show, and 99X. I persuaded my boss to take some $1K Karma Cupcakes to local radio and television stations to be delivered with the press release on the morning of our bake sale. My marketing strategy was a success and we were featured on several morning radio and television shows.

We had never gotten media coverage to this extent before, and I really wanted to secure the top rated news station in Atlanta, so I started calling 11 Alive at 4am on the morning of the bake sale. I made friends with the newsroom secretary and used this to get Julie Wolfe to come film at the bake sale for the Noon News. CBS, and WSB came out to film also, along with AJC, and the Marietta Daily Journal. AJC featured us in a follow up story, so for the first time we were top of mind, even as an old person's disease.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alzheimer's Ad Fame

After the Cupcakes, I worked with my manager to get as much free ad space as possible for this Alzheimer's Ad. If you mentioned the ad to almost anyone who read the WSJ, the knew which ad you were referring to. People took photos and posted on their blogs. Many wondered where this type of compelling ad was for their disease. It even got an honorable mention on The Alzheimer's Spouse Message Board. Adrants posted it , (yes the same Adrants that initiated Occupy Wall Street, I knew them before they were famous) and M3 gave it the Killer Ad of the Week Award. I got national free ad space in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Time Magazine, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The ad ran in the WSJ, until March of 2011--I got a total of $789,000 in free ad space. I worked to get this banner on our web page for end-of-year giving and wrote this letter, which was sent to our major donors.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Turning City Hall Purple

With City Councilmember Felicia Moore, I turned City Hall purple for Alzheimer's Awareness Month from November 23-29.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Press Releases

$1,000 Cupcakes for Charity at Alzheimer's Bake Sale

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Letters to the Editor

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